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A Traditional Bengali Engagement Party

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

First things first, welcome! To kick things off, I wanted to jump right in and highlight an event that you might have seen looking through my portfolio. It might not be familiar to you, so I thought I would shed some light on it.

Reuben and I traveled to Toronto last month to celebrate the joyous occasion of my beautiful cousin's engagement. We could not be happier for her! There was so much going on that I ended up having to impromptu make Reuben my second photographer (he did an excellent job, by the way). The party they hosted was full of elaborate decor, Bengali traditions, food, and a Tesla (not part of the standard tradition, but it was there!).

The engagement party was hosted by my cousin and her family. Once she was ready, she had to wait in a room away from guests for her fiance and his family/friends to arrive. When he, his family, and friends did arrive, to our surprise, he pulled up in a fancy Tesla that he rented for the day! It was a grand entrance, to be sure. My cousin's family formed a line near the entrance of the house to throw flower petals and offer small gifts and snacks to her fiance and his family and friends to celebrate their arrival as they walked in.

Shortly after he made his way to the couple's stage, my cousin made her grand entrance. At the stage, they engaged in a traditional Bengali ceremony -- they exchanged flowers and garlands, the engagement ring (for her), an engagement watch (for him), and took a sip of a drink together. After that, they were announced engaged! Afterwards, we ate, socialized, and enjoyed each other's company. Some of us even got the opportunity to take a joyride in the Tesla (myself included!). We had a great time celebrating the happy couple and can't wait to attend the wedding.

Hope you enjoyed the little tidbit of information! Below are a few photos of what I described above.


Stage setup for the couple.

Engagement party decor.

Drink to be shared by the couple.

Future groom's Tesla entrance.

Adjusting the engagement watch.

Putting on the engagement ring.

The happy couple!

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